Sold/Expired Dan Wesson Valor commander


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Apr 29, 2020
I am original owner of this 2016 1911. Chambered in 9mm , with a DW super38 barrel also included. Perfect function with both calibers, though used more as a super 38. includes 2 mags for each caliber, box, manual, paperwork ans insured shipping form FFL to FFL. Its a great carry piece and fun at the range also, with both calibers. Has a wilson combat round butt msh, all else is as manufactured. Straight 8 night sights nice and bright. Includes recoil spring for both calibers. Tuned to function properly with both calibers, its a great addition to any gun safe. I'm not good at pics, etc actually fairly tech illiterate. If you need specific pics, I'll do my best to accomodate. Prior to the changes, I had several dozen transactions at addicts, all 100%. I believe that function has been deleted.

Shippped and insured FFL to FFL $1399. contact here at fanatics or email [email protected]


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