Sold/Expired Chambers Custom LongSlide 9mm

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Feb 16, 2018
Here is a special gun I have up for sale. The original owner decided he wanted something with a bit more bling so he asked me to sell it for him before he even shot it! Both Eric and I have shot it and it is a DREAM!

The gun is a 9mm Longslide. It's features are as follows:

Caspian Long Slide fit to Chambers Custom frame.
Ball cuts on slide dust cover.
Kart Match 9mm ramped barrel fit with tapered sleeve cone.
Chamber at .755” Hood Gap >.001”
Barrel Cone Outside Diameter .700”
Slide Inside Diameter .7005
7 line arrow pattern cut front strap
S&A Flat mainspring housing with 7 line arrow pattern cut.
Caspian extractor fit.
EGW ejector fit.
EGW pin plate fit.
Colt recoil rod and CCP plug fit.
Trigger set at 3lbs.
CCP Long Curved match trigger fit.
CCP Ultra Match Sear at .7785” OAL
Disconnector at 1.298” OAL
CCP TII Hammer with hooks at .018”
CCP Wide Thumb safety installed and blended
CCP Grip safety blended
CCP slide stop fit.
CCP extended mag catch fit.
KFS Combat Ear rear sight installed buried and protected.
CCP 24k Gold Line dovetail front sight installed.
Ejection port lowered to .400”.
Slide partial tri-toped and 7 line arrow pattern cut.
Standard cocking serrations.
Slide and frame edges hand beveled.
Boarder Cut on Slide.
Matte finish and blue.
Nitre Blue Pins and Screws
Cherokee Hills Custom Grips - Desert Ironwood
2 Mags tuned
9# Recoil Spring SpringCo Brand (good for 30k cycles)
20# Mainspring
Test fired with 200 rounds


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