Carolina Packer Hotdogs


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Nov 30, 2011
A few have inquired to my current avatar.

It's a red hot dog, that growing up was bought in backs of 1-2 lbs loose. They were never sitting in hotdog water like Oscar Myer. They have a little spice to them from garlic, onions etc. They were made off the infamous Bright Leaf Blvd, which was named for all of the tobacco that was grown and then brought to market.

The hotdogs were often eaten straight from the pack in the fridge. They really are that good. However, if you were patient and you put them in the grill to get them black, it would unlock an even more divine taste that the char would bring.

While out exploring some of the countryside in rural NC, I found a BBQ place that was attached to a gas station called Redneck BBQ Lab, they apparently win a number of competitions. Instead of going for the que, I went for a hot dog served on potato bun. This hotdog reminded me of growing up with the slaw simply being that of cabbage, black pepper and mayo.

To put it simply it was awesome. If you get to eastern NC, try a carlina packer hot dog. Not ever red hotdog is a packer, but if you get one, you will know. Here is a pic of the deliciousness.



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Mar 30, 2018
Looks good.....I've never head of them. Will have to remember next trip out east.

As far as Oscar Myer......I wouldn't feed those to my dog
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