Sold/Expired Atlas Custom, .40 S&W

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Jan 4, 2019
Atlas Case.jpgAtlas Left Side.jpg

For sale: Used Atlas Custom, .40 S&W

NP3 Finish, EGW Internals, Atlas Sub 2lbs perfect trigger, VZ Operator Palm Swell grips, SVI trigger (comes with short flat, medium flat (installed) and medium curved trigger inserts), KKM Barrel, Dawson Magwell (new insert), Two Tripp Cobra Mags with new basepads, Atlas Custom SKB hardshell case.

Pistol is in very good condition, still is super tight. The trigger is excellent, came back last month from Atlas for maintenance (Adam reworked the trigger and it is sub 2lbs).

Some finish wear in spots from holstering. This is a competition gun that is ready. Gun was originally built in 2016, I am the second owner. If you are an Atlas fan here is your chance to get a full custom for less than the deposit on new ones with a finish that is no longer available.

Price is set at $2200.00. I will entertain offers as long as they are reasonable. Paypal friends and family gets you free shipping to your FFL. I will meet Indiana residents face to face if you would like to see the pistol. You can check out my feedback as a buyer and seller on Gunbroker where the pistol is also listed for sale. My username is Culver1998.

Gun is being sold "As Is".

I just bought an Akai Custom that I plan on using so hoping this one goes to a good home.

Thanks for looking, any questions please ask.


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