Any ideas?


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Nov 14, 2018
I watched a training video where the instructor expressed his thoughts on how a handgun is a defensive tool. Taking the defensive tool mindset allowed the students to focus on the training versus trying to focus on training and protecting the condition of their collection piece. It made me take a deep look at why I would treat my defensive tools like collectibles. I didn’t do this with my service rifle during my 20 years of service with countless deployments. Currently, my DVC Carry, Trojan, Kimbers, and Glocks have scuff marks from use. I treat them well but use them like a tool. Some of my tools have been slid across the asphalt and dropped on the concrete. In the end, my focus stays on my defense with the tools at hand. There is no time or concern to worry about the condition of the collectible in a defensive situation. Don’t get me wrong, I do cuss when I clean them and remember what happened.


Nov 9, 2020
Brownells website
Birchwood Casey products;
metal/steel black / blackener
Sometimes you can find locally at gun/sport/outdoors stores.
Other is a slide/complete refinish. I feel that it would be wasteful at this time considering the holster wear my sidearm shows.
If its not a 'collectible' (ie: will be used), I'd say don't sweat it. But it aint mine; thus, I have no say. Best of luck and enjoy it how YOU like it.