Ammo Coming Soon But I Need Your Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What caliber ammo would you like to see us make the most?

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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
.. " guys that voted for .357 are you actively shooting .357 ? '
Though I didn't vote for the .357, I am starting to shoot it again.

Why ?
Just got a Rossi lever rifle in .357, to go with my Marlin 1894, in 44 Mag...( thought I was through buying guns ) but it scratched an itch.
Wanted a .357 lever rifle for many years, almost bought a new ( made in Japan) Winchester lever .357 I saw in a LGS ,years ago.
The price was a little > $1K, which I thought was too high for a range toy, so I passed. That same rifle is now selling for > $1,500,
if you can even find one in stock.

Funny, after it arrived, I started digging thru my .357 ammo stash. The loads I found were loaded with 125 gr. JHP & 158gr JHP, are
dated 2005 & 2008 (when I loaded them) If I'd dug to the bottom of the stack, probably find some even older.. :eek:

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