A little something about me...


Apr 30, 2019
I am justplanedave. I've been in Aviation since 1976. I hold a Private Pilot and an A&P certificate. I started hand loading in 1976 also. I grew up in rural NE Alabama and held my first WW2 trophy 1911 when I was about 10. I thought it was the best looking firearm in the world and at 61 years old, I still do. I've owned two Gold Cups and own a clone now and still trust I am well armed when carrying it. I was a jet engine mechanic in SAC. My shop maintained engines for B52's and KC135's. I believe in an indivduals right to keep and bear arms to defend themself and others from tierney and personal harm. I believe Democratic Socialists should move to Sweeden. Oh by the way, in Sweeden, they require each household to keep a battle rifle tucked away for national defence and serve 2 years of public service...usually the millitary. God bless these United States.

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