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Jun 8, 2018
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This started out as a Remington R1. They threw away everything but the slide, frame, and sights and started over. First the slide to frame fit was tightened. Then it was rebuilt using all new Guncrafter parts. Finally it was given a new Melonite finish and a set of GI branded Alumagrips. The fit and finish is typical Guncrafter. Average trigger pull is 3lbs 11ounces. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I will be amazed if it is not a tack driver given my experience with GI built guns.

Nice, some very aggressive looking texture on the main spring housing. Interesting look on the barrel fluting as well. I bet it will be a tack driver!
Wonder why they didn't checker the front strap.
This is just a guess as I don't know anything for sure but it might not of been thick enough to accommodate the 15LPI on the front strap.
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Possibly. But all the other modifications they did were through the use of new parts (with fitting, of course), but no machining on the slide or frame. That would also explain why they did not change out the Remington proprietary sights.

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