357 Ring Of Fire in 1911!

357 Ring Of Fire

New Fanatic
Sep 9, 2020
Hello everyone!
My dream cartridge in my dream pistol is a cartridge which meets or exceeds 357 magnum performances, has the same magazine capacity of the 9mm and they must work in a 1911.
So I designed the 357 Ring Of Fire cartridge.
We opened up a small manufacturing facitlity, made contracts with Starline Brass, Vista Outdoors and only the best barrel makers and firearms companies.
Very good performance levels with 125, 158 and 170 speer bullets.
Yes, the ONLY improvement I can think of for the 1911 is more bullets in the mag!
Finally, the marriage of the 1911 and a revolver gives you this straight-walled cartridge with real 357 magnum performance levels...far above the 355 SIG.
Check us out!