Chambers Custom 1911U00008 and 1911U00010 The Family Doc and The Collector

Joe C

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Feb 16, 2018
These two guns were built by a pair of brothers who came to the August build class this past year. One of the brothers I've known for a while, we'll call him The Collector. He convinced The Family Doc to jump in on the class with him. It'll be fun, he said. We'll build guns with Joe, he said. Now his brother, The Family Doc is hooked on CCP's too!

They both built exceptional pistols during the class and them Eric and I finished them up the way they wanted them. The Family Doc wanted something a little less flashy. The Collector, well, he's a collector for a reason and he likes that bling. So, without further adue...

These are the kinds of guns you can build at the Classes in 2019!



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Jun 9, 2018
they did very well I see. like the unusual checkering. wish I had such an imagination