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May 30, 2020
Since I first saw the 1911frame and style I was in love. Simple sleek lines with power to back it up. I started learning about firearms at the age of 4 & fired my first .22 revolver 4 months befor my 5th birthday. By the age of 7, my parents had taught me enough about firearms to trust my ability to use them safely & effectively if necessity called as well be left alone with full access & knowledge of every weapon in the homes location & that those weapons would not need to be locked up. My very first 1911 I purchased was a Rock Island Full size with ambidextrous safety. I was hooked, it was the sheer comfort & ease of a full sized concealable weapon. I'm not going to bash any weapon because I dont believe any one is better than another. Best weapon is the mind behind that is practiced, trained, & comfortable with the tool chosen. For me this is the 1911 frame although I have never fired any other makers variations then:
Rock Island
American Armory
& My newest purchase.
I was forced to sell my RIA due to life circumstances.I was just recently able to purchase another 1911 frame. I am currently homeless & was in the market for some form of protection from the drug addicts & thieves roaming the streets as well.
I am a loaner that is living in my vehicle. I have made the situation to remain homeless at the moment because I am also a student getting my degree in I.T. & Video game design. I dont see a point in killing myself to maintain a rental, job, & class while spending everything just to probably need to move for a better job once classes complete & be forced to pull another large sum of money outta the air. With funds being low for most of my life I am always looking for the less known manufacturers. Personally out of the 3 I have owned vs the higher cost names I have not really found much if any notable differences in performance or reliability. The 1911 is great regardless of who makes it. I just looked at my first commander today as possibly my next purchase & first compact. My current & only 1911 at the moment is a Tisas ZiG PC1911 & I love it even if it is considered cheap.
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Nov 6, 2018
East Missouri
Welcome aboard from east Missouri! Nothing wrong with a low end 1911. I have a RIA 38 Super myself. I’m not a fan of storing firearms in vehicles, let alone living in one. Hopefully you graduate soon, and can get your life back on track. Stay safe, brother!


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