1. Burk Cornelius

    USPSA Match at OKCGC 7/5/14

    Monthly USPSA Pistol Match - July 5, 2014 Oklahoma City Gun Club Sign-in begins at 9:15am Saturday Shoot at 10:00am Non-Members: $15 Members: $10 We will handle the setup a little differently. Since Friday is the 4th, we plan to start setup at 10AM, so we can be done and home in plenty of...
  2. marshallluton

    Competition Pistol with Eric Fuson at TDSA

    Hello shooters! This coming weekend (March 24-25) TDSA will be having another one of our Competiition Pistol Courses. If you have had our Advanced Combat Pistol Level I Course you can enroll in this class. If you have not been to our ACP I or something very similiar please don't register for...
  3. marshallluton

    Boomer Shooter Discount at TDSA is 20%

    Hello shooters! Just wanted to let everybody know that Jesse, Brandon and I have spoken recently and all of us here at TDSA appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this forum. We want to support all of you in any way we can and that is why we are going to offer a 20% discount to all...
  4. joshappel

    USSA Multi Gun Match 01/22/2012

    First one of the new year! It will be 6 stages of rifle/pistol awesomeness. Round count will be 120-150 rifle and 50-75 pistol. There will be a rimfire division in this one, meaning rimfire rifle. Max yardage will be 110 yards. We will be utilizing the shoot house, 360, and 4 of the 60 yard...
  5. TroyF

    PPC Match 5

    Not so much a drill, but a great measure of accuracy. This is the test one must take/pass to make it through Oklahoma's LE Firearms Instructor School. Setup: B27 target (x ring, 10 ring, 9 ring, 8 ring, 7 ring), barricades at 25 and 50 yards. Front half: 7 yards: draw shoot 6, reload, shoot...