1. Burk Cornelius

    How do You Carry? POLL

    With the popularity of our 3rd Annual Carry Gun Contest I see that a lot more people are carrying AIWB. Lets do a poll to see how everyone carries their weapon most of the time. I don't care if it is concealed or not, this poll is only about method of carry
  2. Burk Cornelius

    USPSA 2012 Handgun Nationals

    Divisions:Limited, Production, Revolver Dates:October 13-16, 2012 Divisions:Open, Limited 10 Dates:October 16-20, 2011 MD:Phil Strader AMD: David Hyden RM1:Troy McManus Rm2:Carl Schmidt Volunteer Application:<Download file Location:Desert Sportsmen, Las Vegas, Nevada Range Address:12201 West...
  3. robot

    My first USPSA Open match

    Was really fun and could have placed much higher if it's not for my stupid FTEs! Getting the gun fixed now. Love making the transition from Revolver to Open! :D