1. crash217

    Competition Ready AR-15

    AR-15 custom built by Mike at Accurate Iron; Loki forged upper and lower recievers, AP Customs carbon fiber free float tube, JP stainless LMBC, JP stainless steel 18" pencil barrel w/compensator, JP trigger, JP safety selector, JP oversized trigger pins, JP fire control pin, JP adjustable gas...
  2. Burk Cornelius

    Sold/Expired LOKI Weapon Systems

    Even though they are a sponsor, they still deserve a feedback thread. Erik has been more than supportive to BoomerShooter, both as an Partner (sponsor) and also with group buys for our members. I want to thank them personally for everything they have done. Use this thread as your feedback for...
  3. backer

    Sold/Expired WTB: AR Stripped Lower

    Its about time for me to build my own 3-Gun rifle and i need a stripped lower. I don't care what it is as long as it is inexpensive. I know someone out there has a left over PSA or Loki lower that they wouldn't mind getting rid of. If you don't have one for sale I'm also interested in where...
  4. aestus

    Sold/Expired Loki Complete Upper Group Buy

    Hey everybody, it's time for another Loki group buy! This time it's for their complete uppers. I will be posting this on multiple boards and will be keeping track of the total numbers separately. Group buy info. Any 16" barrel model chambered in 5.56 in any configuration - 20% discount...