1. azpoolguy

    My First Glock.

    So I’ve been intrigued my the RMR for ahile and had not had a chance to shoot one. So a friend and I rented a G17 with a Vortex dot. It was enough to send me looking for a red dot ready pistol. Thanks to @Bender who had been keeping this guy warm at night it now lives at my house. Gen4 G19...
  2. Jeff T.

    Looper Hybrid Holster

    Looper Leather Hybrid Holster G26 - Right Hand - Black 9200-G26-10 $25.00 If you think that is to much, Make me an offer.
  3. not2old2shoot

    Night Sights

    I have a G27 that came with night sights (Tru Glo). They are 15 yrs old and not much left in them. Any suggestions on brand and difficulty replacing them. I am more concerned about the front sight than the rear.