custom 1911

  1. Master Gunworks

    Ruger with new alloy frame *photos*

    This Ruger is going back home to it's owner with all new internals, new sights and a new alloy bobtail frame.
  2. Master Gunworks

    **Video you might enjoy**

    Video I did just for fun
  3. Master Gunworks

    *Video* 1911 Disco Ramp good or BS ??

  4. Master Gunworks

    *Video* Just for fun

  5. Master Gunworks

    Master Gunworks 1911 Range Report

    Here is a great range report from one of our customer who we did a custom build for. Check it out
  6. Master Gunworks

    Hello from WI at Master Gunworks

    Hello from Wisconsin at Master Gunworks. We make hand built 1911 pistols. I thought everyone might enjoy a photo of our latest build.
  7. John Galt

    Sold/Expired Valtro 1998 A 1 customized by Jardine

    Valtro 1998 A 1 Test fired prior to being sent to John Jardine for upgrades Customized and accurized by John Jardine Signed on frame by John Jardine Mint / perfect $14,000 firm Selling to fund a business expansion
  8. DanT

    Sold/Expired Bunker Arms Custom for sale

    Hello Fanatics, I am here today selling one of my Crown Jewels of my collection. Up for sale is my Bunker Arms Custom 1911. This pistol was just built 10/25/17 and is in immaculate condition. It was built on a carbon steel frame and has been polished to a mirror frame. Options include.. 20lpi...
  9. B

    customizing a 1911

    the ? keeps arising-- custom 1911 vs semi custom or production gun. some of us have limited budgets and big the ? begs..if you use a nice 1911 as a base gun... what upgrades would you add to make it shoot and feel like one of those expensive custom 1911s? are upgrades able...