1. J

    Commander Mag Size?

    Hello, I have a 9mm colt combat commander like this: and I have been having trouble finding mags. I spoke with Mec-gar and they recommended these: MGCGOV9LCB but they are too short by about the length of one round. What is the size breakdown...
  2. Babboonbobo

    Sold/Expired Dan Wesson Specialist commander 9mm $1250 now

    I need to raise money for a new safe because tomorrow I receive my fathers firearms after we have his burial service. I am going to list two firearms for sake to try and raise part of it. First up is a Dan Wesson Specialist commander size in 9mm, cones with case, two mags and paperwork. I...
  3. Addicted2Gunz

    Sold/Expired Dan Wesson Valor 9mm Commander

    Selling my Dan Wesson Valor 9mm Commander. I bought this local, but I'm needing to thin my heard. My safe is getting full!! I bought it from the original owner with 200 rounds through it. I put 1 box through it, so it's at 250 rounds. It shot flawlessly and is in great shape. It does have an...
  4. WC145

    Colt Clevinger Custom Wiley Clapp Commander is done and on it's way back!

    This one took a long time due to issues no one could foresee but it's finally done and on it's way home. The build was inspired by a full size Colt David had done a couple of years ago, and a picture I had seen of a really cool flamed 1927 Track T. The build was originally planned for a CCO...
  5. WC145

    Colt Clevinger Colt WC "Roadster" build is almost done!

    It's almost done!! Been a long wait but it's going to be worth it. David says there is a bit of tweaking to do and a final range check but we're down to the wire and it'll be coming home soon. Can't wait to get my hands on it.:D Here's a teaser pic that he posted on his facebook page-