1. lycanarms

    Holiday Sale! 80% Complete Billet Receiver Set - Only $250

    Looking for a great gift for a friend or family member? Look no further. Take advantage of this incredible holiday deal. These items are sure to sell out so get yours today! Visit us today at - Click Here
  2. Babboonbobo

    Rare Breed Triggers

    Anyone have one or any experience with one? It’s a very interesting concept (forced reset trigger) and if it runs like I’ve seen in videos it’s pretty freakin sweet!
  3. Babboonbobo

    Stag Arms AR15

    Well I went today to grab my Stag Arms AR15 that I had them holding for me until I could get there to pick it up along with a Glock G19 gen5 (my first Glock, ever) Now my dilemma is I need sights or an optic or both for it. Anyone have any recommendations on what works well for short range...
  4. Burk Cornelius

    AR Steel Plate Challenge - OKCGC 6-24-12

    AR Steel Plate Challenge 9:00am Sunday, June 24 2012 OKCGC Silhouette Range MATCH FORMAT: 1. This is a 20-Round Match - Five (5) Shots Are Fired on Steel Plates at Each Distance. OKC Gun Club Members Only, But You May Bring One Guest 2. There Are Two (2) Courses of Fire - SHORT COURSE - 100...
  5. Scott Hearn

    WTS: Rock River Lower Parts Kit Mil Spec

    Like the title says. Brand new complete RRA LPK. Has the standard cheapo grip. $60 FTF in South OKC/Moore or at a match.
  6. Burk Cornelius

    Sold/Expired LOKI Weapon Systems

    Even though they are a sponsor, they still deserve a feedback thread. Erik has been more than supportive to BoomerShooter, both as an Partner (sponsor) and also with group buys for our members. I want to thank them personally for everything they have done. Use this thread as your feedback for...
  7. aestus

    Sold/Expired Loki Complete Upper Group Buy

    Hey everybody, it's time for another Loki group buy! This time it's for their complete uppers. I will be posting this on multiple boards and will be keeping track of the total numbers separately. Group buy info. Any 16" barrel model chambered in 5.56 in any configuration - 20% discount...