1. Babboonbobo

    Sold/Expired Colt Competition 9mm sale or trade?

    I’m also listing this full size Colt Competition in 9mm and it is a series 80 I bought it right when they were first released and have put approx 50 rounds through it and it had sat since. There are no marks and it comes with everything as new, I am the original owner. I need to raise cash for...
  2. Babboonbobo

    Sold/Expired Dan Wesson Specialist commander 9mm $1250 now

    I need to raise money for a new safe because tomorrow I receive my fathers firearms after we have his burial service. I am going to list two firearms for sake to try and raise part of it. First up is a Dan Wesson Specialist commander size in 9mm, cones with case, two mags and paperwork. I...
  3. Addicted2Gunz

    Sold/Expired Dan Wesson ECO 9MM

    I may regret selling this because it is like new, and a joy to shoot! I picked up a DW ECO in 45, so I'm going to let this 9mm go. The only mark on it at all is a VERY VERY FAINT takedown pin mark (idiot mark) - I mean FAINT. You literally have to twist it around in the right light to even...
  4. Babboonbobo

    Nighthawk My NHC

    Looks to me like we need some more NH threads to ogle. This is currently my one and only!