Sold/Expired Dan Wesson ECO 9MM


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Jul 14, 2018
I may regret selling this because it is like new, and a joy to shoot! I picked up a DW ECO in 45, so I'm going to let this 9mm go.

The only mark on it at all is a VERY VERY FAINT takedown pin mark (idiot mark) - I mean FAINT. You literally have to twist it around in the right light to even think about seeing it! I couldn't even get it to show in the picture, but I want full disclosure! EDIT - I did just notice that there is also a slight nick on the bottom of the slide half moon cutout for the takedown pin. You can see it in the closeup picture.

It's a 2012 build and will come in the original box with 2 mags, the manual, 1st round fired, little bottle of oil, bushing wrench, manual, and the never used lock

Price is $1000 shipped from ME to your FFL.
I accept PayPal friends & family, or money order.


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