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  1. Wormydog1724

    Gunpowder prices are rising

    just living life in the panhandle. Dodged a tornado last year but my workplace wasn't so lucky. Temporary work space for the next year at least. The drought is finally busted here but they say the el nino is going to turn into la nina, damn trans weather patterns. Not much shooting going on...
  2. Wormydog1724

    Holosun 507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

    I am sorry you feel attacked. I truly am. I was unaware a self described “well-known fanatic” was so sensitive to another stranger over some mild ribbing on the world wide web. In regards to the original discussion and original attack on my SARCASTIC statement, the facts are this: in my...
  3. Wormydog1724

    Holosun 507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

    No my horrosurns haven’t failed. Neither have my rmrs. And that’s the facts jack. Speaking of “poor” decisions, acting like Gabe “the workers comp fraudster / almost active shooter / second coming of christo” Suarez is somebody good to be associate with is whack jack. The guy killed a couple...
  4. Wormydog1724

    Holosun 507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

    That’s a lot of words for not saying much. To answer the question you asked more than once, sometimes with a question mark and sometimes with an odd period at the end that really doesn’t make it question. But I digress, my first slide mounted red dot was in 2012 and it was a type 1 RMR, not...
  5. Wormydog1724

    Holosun 507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

    Yeah well, that’s just like your opinion man. Sounds poor.
  6. Wormydog1724

    An interesting / unusual range day on Monday..

    Nice range report. Sounds like you had a time
  7. Wormydog1724

    The list of Shame (places where concealed carry is banned)

    Any place that bans guns just banned me! Same reason I don’t ever go oconus without an uncle sam sponsor
  8. Wormydog1724

    Gunpowder prices are rising

    Yep. Welcome to the gd Biden’s America with free money. And now we’re all paying for it.
  9. Wormydog1724

    Huh? Huh? What did you say?

    I’ve never had the vid 19. I simply identify as healthy and sane.
  10. Wormydog1724

    New old kid on the block from gun friendly North Alabama

    Welcome southern shooter. Check your sanity at the door!
  11. Wormydog1724

    WTB vortex razor 1-6x

    Want to buy vortex razor 1-6x, preferably with Geissele mount in fde. Message me. No bs spam messages please. I get enough of those already!
  12. Wormydog1724

    Another set finished

    Really nice Dennis. Hope you are doing well.
  13. Wormydog1724

    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    Texas gun laws are superior in most ways.
  14. Wormydog1724

    Palmetto State Armory The Gathering 2024

    SC is a long ways from Texas. Maybe I’ll catch a flight.
  15. Wormydog1724

    What did you carry today?

    I carried a 2011 4.15” 9mm with 23 rounds of 147gr HST in a LAS Concealment holster. BTW, WE THE PEOPLE holsters suck
  16. Wormydog1724

    *Video* Just for fun

    I appreciate this.
  17. Wormydog1724

    Wilson Combat

    That’s too bad. WC has always been good to me and my name isn’t even Larry Vickers. Such a shame.
  18. Wormydog1724

    Arizona 3 Gun Comps

    I miss 3 gun comps. Nothing like that here in Texas panhandle slash oklahoma panhandle slash southwest Kansas. Maybe I’ll start a match. Hmm
  19. Wormydog1724

    Holosun 507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

    Not really a fan of supporting China and the communists. - sent from my apple iPhone built in Zhengzhou China