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I have on order a DWX-Compact but who knows when DW will start up again. Wilson Combat makes the EDC XP9 (4”, 1911 on X Frame, 15+1). It’s beautiful but also $2700 MSRP. However, I I could trade in 2 DW ECO’s and a Sig P 365 XL recently bought but don’t like and only have a few hundred to pay for the Wilson. STI, Wilson XP9 and DWX -C are probably the three best 1911 double stacks out there.
Two years in Southeast Asia flying O-1 Bird Dogs as a Forward Air Controller. Other duty stations in Germany, France, The White House, Pentagon and various states. Lived and cruised on a blue water sailboat for over 20 years. Live in the High Desert of Central Oregon
Military Instructor many years ago, also worked in the Armory on 1911's, NRA Instructor.
I see two different 1911's, beautiful looking pistols. Are they Colts? Welcome to the forum from the great Northwest...
*Deaf, dumb or blind? Shoot weak hand more often! Extended Beavertail, Bomar Sights or else just give it up and buy a Wilson gun?
What you spend is gone for good remember that, ask yourself would others want what you have before you buy, I have a CQB Wilson and could now sell for double what I paid new for it along time ago, that's the advice a friend gave me long ago and is true today. Wilson Baer, Brown good investments today, just don't change them!
get what you like and shoot well with 65 now..... dont care what they are worth when i am pushin daisies .....{r8:28}
Worked through college as a motorcycle officer. Retired from multiple careers and relaxed. Mod 70 a favorite if things are unstable. Hornady ‘Critical Duty’ is my favorite regardless of caliber (I have high regard for a SIG 226 Blackwater and 21 rounds of 9mm 135 gr Critical Duty.) Will be ‘lurking’ the sideline of 1911 forum discussions, and joining in as I may have a comment. - Thump
Hi folks I'm a fan of 1911's. Started shooting one on an Army Pistol Team in 1956 and have been shooting them ever since.
I just bought a Gold Cup in .38 Super Auto. It only makes 5 but as Curley said "the day ain't over yet".
Yo, Zoidster! If'n I remember right, you hack around on grips a bit. I have an idea I'd like to discuss, if'n you're willing.