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*Deaf, dumb or blind? Shoot weak hand more often! Extended Beavertail, Bomar Sights or else just give it up and buy a Wilson gun?
What you spend is gone for good remember that, ask yourself would others want what you have before you buy, I have a CQB Wilson and could now sell for double what I paid new for it along time ago, that's the advice a friend gave me long ago and is true today. Wilson Baer, Brown good investments today, just don't change them!
Worked through college as a motorcycle officer. Retired from multiple careers and relaxed. Mod 70 a favorite if things are unstable. Hornady ‘Critical Duty’ is my favorite regardless of caliber (I have high regard for a SIG 226 Blackwater and 21 rounds of 9mm 135 gr Critical Duty.) Will be ‘lurking’ the sideline of 1911 forum discussions, and joining in as I may have a comment. - Thump
Hi folks I'm a fan of 1911's. Started shooting one on an Army Pistol Team in 1956 and have been shooting them ever since.
I just bought a Gold Cup in .38 Super Auto. It only makes 5 but as Curley said "the day ain't over yet".
Yo, Zoidster! If'n I remember right, you hack around on grips a bit. I have an idea I'd like to discuss, if'n you're willing.