What Makes Anschutz Rifles So Expensive?

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Nov 2, 2017
Northwestern Wisconsin
Maybe I just don't get it, but what is so dang GREAT about the Anschutz 1710 and 1712 .22 Long Rifle caliber firearms so blasted expensive. I mean, $2,300.00 to $2,500.00 for a bolt action .22 rifle, that sucker should be able to shoot through the eyeballs of a squirrel at 150 yards.
OK, they have a good barrel. But how much "gooder" than a CZ barrel, or a Savage Mark II barrel? Same with the trigger. How much better is a 2-poung pull than a 3-pound pull, if one can even notice the difference.
I'd still love to have one of the above rifles, but don't want to start a "go-fund me" beg & plead, account to get one. :rolleyes:


Feb 11, 2011
Ponca City, Ok
I can't help on the "why".
I can say that the Junior Rifle Club at our range uses Anschutz rifles for the indoor shooting.
The rifles are very heavy, the kids use weighted shooting vests and shoot prone. The best shooters put consistent clover leaf groups at 25 yds, sometimes closer to one hole.
Combination of special sights, highly adjustable stocks, match grade ammo, weighted vests, and great instruction by the adults that have been in this program in our town for more than 50 years.
I went through the same local Junior Rifle Club program in 1963. It's been around longer than that.
What's interesting is that at the end of the training program, the local National Guard rimfire competition team is invited out to shoot with the kids.
The kids typically win.
The pic is of the latest rifle that was acquired through a grant by the Friends of the NRA chapter in Oklahoma.
That is our lead instructor in the pic.
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