request for 9mm load data..for a 50 gr. bullet.


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
Some time ago I found a link on YouTube to some very high velocity rounds for 9mm firearms, using lighter than usual projectiles.
After having watched the video, I was curious about this ammo, but not so curious as to pay the steep price the ammo cost.
Not long after watching the video, I saw some 9mm (.355") 50 gr. JHP bullets advertised for sale on a website.
There was no mention of the brand of these bullets, they have a "white" ( not brass or yellow) color with a shiny appearance.
I purchased a bag (500) of them to try them.
When purchased, as there was no load data supplied, I am posting to ask ..does anyone have any load data for this light of weight bullet?
A powder to use, as well as starting / max load data available ?
If not, does anyone know the manufacturer of these bullets ?, so I can contact them for some data ?
Thanks in advance for a helpful reply

added: did a YouTube search & found the 50gr bullets seem to be used in the video I watched, which is for "Liberty Civil Defense 9mm Ammo"
the bullets I purchased appear to be identical in appearance to those used in the Liberty ammo.

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