Get in line (joke)


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Sep 22, 2018
A guy coming out of a 7-11 notices a funeral procession coming slowly down the street. It looks a peculiar to him since there are two hearses followed by a gentleman walking his dog. They, in turn, are followed by a line of 122 men walking in single file.

His curiosity piqued, the guy approaches the gentleman with the dog and says, "I know this is a difficult time, but I was wondering just what is going on, here?"

The gentleman tells him, "Earlier this week my wife and I got into an argument that escalated into a real shouting match. My dog happened to come into the house, and in a very protective way attacked and killed my wife. She's in that first hearse."

'My mother-in-law heard all the commotion and started screaming at my dog and me. Once again, my dog came to my defense and killed her, too. She's in the second hearse."

The guy thoughtfully considers information news and says to the gentleman, "Is there any way I could borrow your dog?"

Looking over his shoulder, the gentleman says, "Get in line."

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