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Jan 25, 2012
Just finished up Chuck Smith's Five-O Tactical Gunfighter 2 on Saturday. This is the last class of the Gunfighter Trilogy. Early lecture was a continuation of mental road blocks shooters put on themselves. One primary theme from Chuck's classes is stress inoculation and effects of stress on judgement. Judgment is supremely important as not all stimulus is lethal stimulus. Judgement effects your tactics to employ skill. As students move thru each drill, lecture follows with explanation how we should use the drill to improve our defensive skills. Most of us often become too competitive and forget the objective of our training. At one point after a fast but high miss count Hackathorn 1-5 drill, we were sternly lectured about the importance of accuracy over speed. A repeat of the drill produced one miss from 16 students.

One benefit of these classes is the imagination of fellow shooters trying new techniques. Even after Chuck's discussing problems with crowding cover, one student tried using cover during a drill to brace his hands, consequently throwing shots off target. Chuck was able to provide a different bracing solution which I tried to great effect on my run.

Most of my past instructors focused largely on mechanics and tactics, which are good. I've really appreciated Five-O's priority on mental aspects of personal defense. If you choose to take these classes, I'd recommend taking notes. The quality and quantity of information can be overwhelming.

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