wilson combat

  1. B

    Kudos to WC

    when I bought my Beretta brigadier a few years back and it had the action tuning done by WC before shipping, I did notice the trigger was really nice. I enjoyed it a lot now fast forward to the Vertec release. with action tuning of course. Finally had a change to us e it on the...
  2. P

    FOR SALE Wilson Combat KZ45

    Wilson Combat KZ45 1911 for sale with 18 magazines. Pistol is in excellent condition with factory adjustable tritium rear night sights and Trijicon HD orange outline tritium front sight. 5” barrel. Great shooter, But I am clearing the safe(s) and trending towrd 9mm 1911’s. 8 mags are new in...
  3. Addicted2Gunz

    Sold/Expired Wilson Combat CQB 45acp grey/black

    Hey everyone, as always happens to me another opportunity that I couldn't pass up came along...I bought a GI No Name CCO in 45. Due to that purchase I am going to sell my CQB that I recently bought. I prefer 9mm or 38 Superb, so I only need a few in 45. I took it to the range once and put 100...
  4. ZoidMeister

    I fondled my first Wilson today . . . .

    All I can say is . . . . . . It was only a 9mm. Commander size. Don't remember the name, it said Professional on the slide. Bull barrel, all black except for the barrel. I get it . . . . I see why guys will sell three guns to get one of those. Also fondled a CQB Elite. Same...
  5. B

    new WC beretta

    for those with interest you can pre order these: https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Order-the-92G-Vertec_Brigadier-Tactical/products/1068/