1. jtischauser

    Chris Andersen from Team Vertx, Accurate Iron, USSA Dominates Texas Carbine Championship

    Nicely done Chris!
  2. Burk Cornelius

    IDPA match at USSA April 14, 2012

    April IDPA match will be this coming Saturday, April 14th. Sign in from 0900-1000 and first squads should be going out by 0930. Typically have 6 stages and we recommend bringing 150 rounds just in case! This is the last local IDPA match in the Tulsa area prior to the coming Badlands...
  3. joshappel

    2012 USSA 3-Gun Championship August 17-19th, Tulsa, OK

    Just Getting this out before the dates get covered up. 10 planned stages. RO's shoot on the 17th, and everyone else will shoot the 18th and 19th. I will be updating this post as information becomes available. Thanks! Online Match Registration United States Shooting Academy 3-Gun Championship...
  4. Repete34

    NEW Surefire Ear Pro 5 IN STOCK at USSA

    Surefire earpro EP5 IN STOCK at USSA! We also have IN STOCK: 6PX pro and tactical G2X pro and tactical G2X Defender E2DL X300 X400 60 rd Magazines E1B E2LAA Z2S A2 LED Batteries bx of 12 $21 4pk $7 Just to name a few...