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    New for 2022-Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Belton SC

    First a link to the announcement on the Belton Bushwhackers’ website: The Belton Gun Club will offer Wild Bunch Action Shooting matches on 5th Saturdays beginning January 29, 2022. There will not be a match on the 5th Saturday in April but you...
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    Updated for 2022-Cowboy Action Shooting in Upstate SC

    [Note-I am starting a new thread with some updated information. I am now the club contact for the Greenville Gunfighters with a new email address for cowboy-related communications: [email protected] Despite the pandemic and ammo/components we are seeing good attendance at local matches...
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    Cowboy Action in Upstate SC

    I have been shooting SASS cowboy matches since early 2010. There are two SASS-affiliated clubs in Upstate South Carolina that host monthly matches. Matches are open to the public-you need not be a member of the “host” club or a member of SASS to shoot monthly matches. There is no charge for...