1. Burk Cornelius

    USPSA 2012 Handgun Nationals

    Divisions:Limited, Production, Revolver Dates:October 13-16, 2012 Divisions:Open, Limited 10 Dates:October 16-20, 2011 MD:Phil Strader AMD: David Hyden RM1:Troy McManus Rm2:Carl Schmidt Volunteer Application:<Download file Location:Desert Sportsmen, Las Vegas, Nevada Range Address:12201 West...
  2. Scott Hearn

    WTS: CR Speed WSM II Revolver Holster

    Picked up a like new CR Speed WSM II Revolver Holster off of the enos classifieds and decided to go a different route so I can leave my belt pretty much setup for multiple guns. It's like new and was supposedly only used in about 3 matches. It looks it, it's basically flawless. $130 shipped...