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  1. R

    New member from Ky.

    Hello, New member checking in from Kentucky.
  2. PewPewPtwang

    I heard that this is where all the cool kids were hanging out

    I'm a member from the other 1911 forum. I saw a post about that forum getting bought out by some media company, people migrating to this forum, etc, etc. So, this is the new place, huh. Nice.
  3. PhilaPop

    Checking in from Pennsylvania

    I'm a new member from Jenkintown, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia). I'm mainly a pistol guy, but have been getting into rifles lately. I prefer my 1911's, but also into big bore pistols (.50AE Desert Eagle, a couple of S&W 500 Magnums, and a Magnum Research BFR chambered in 45-70). I figure when...