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  1. Shankle36

    New Guy Again:

    I was on here before, but have no clue to info. I lost my laptop and all my info went with it. I am proud to be back! I'm 55 soon to be 56 next month. I live in NE Arkansas in the middle of the hill's, love the woods.
  2. J


    Hello 1911fanatics, I am a 35 year old veteran that is in the process of finishing my bachlors. I am heavily involved in politics including the 2A community. I am looking into IDPA but dont have the money to jump in right this moment. I am married with 3 children whom I am teaching all the...
  3. F

    New guy from Fort Worth - Love your forum

    I need to look around a little bit more, but so far I'm impressed with your forum. Seems like a nice bunch of guys with high level knowledge and expertise that's freely shared without casting aspersions. I love the 1911 and hope to grow my collection with help from the group. Also, special...
  4. Babboonbobo


    Didn’t want to miss out! Thought I would check to see what’s happening.