1. Burk Cornelius

    Sold/Expired Leather IWB holster belt loops

    I have two sets of 1-3/4" IWB holster leather belt loops. They should work with just about any IWB holsters (leather or kydex) You can take one or both sets. I also have one pair of extra snaps (the male half) I don't know if they are for these particular loops but I think they should work...
  2. Iggie

    Taurus Pt111 Pro Holster

    Hey anyone know where I can get a holster for the Millennium Pro its for the wife. I have looked online but the ones that come up are stupid expensive or just cheap crap... maybe both. The goal is to get a holster that she can use for USPSA. Really needs to be under $30... Hoping to get it...
  3. Jeff T.

    Looper Hybrid Holster

    Looper Leather Hybrid Holster G26 - Right Hand - Black 9200-G26-10 $25.00 If you think that is to much, Make me an offer.