1. John Galt

    Sold/Expired Wilson Hunter.....$3600

    Wilson Hunter, stainless 460 Rowland Comes with everything New, straight from Wilson, never hardly handled. $3600.......$500 below Wilson base price! Sorry, no pics of this one on file. See the Wilson website Comes with 2 boxes of Wilson ammo Trying to fund business expansion Thanks
  2. John Galt

    Sold/Expired Wilson Custom Supergrade

    just throwing things up against the wall to see what attracts. Need to fund business expansion Wilson Stainless Compact Supergrade $4500 This is a one off, custom ordered, stainless full melt Supergrade. Comes with everything plus plus. Priced to sell at $900 below base price. NOS/NIB...
  3. WC145

    Colt Clevinger Colt WC "Roadster" build is almost done!

    It's almost done!! Been a long wait but it's going to be worth it. David says there is a bit of tweaking to do and a final range check but we're down to the wire and it'll be coming home soon. Can't wait to get my hands on it.:D Here's a teaser pic that he posted on his facebook page-