1. Burk Cornelius

    Sold/Expired PMags $12.99 Sooner State Pawn

    I stopped by Sooner State Pawn to see Tommy and he had quite a few black 30rd PMags for $12.99.
  2. taymoor

    Hi-Point limited setup

    I've decided to start preparing for my move to limited. I needed the most accurate, reliable, and comfortable gun on the market so I opted for a Hi-Point JHP 45. I bought it at a local gun store for $99.00 after tax. After polishing the slide (for the obvious weight reduction benefits), and...
  3. P

    Let's talk about malt liquor

    Hey there folks. It's me, poopgiggle. Something you may not know about me is that when I'm not busy being the worst action pistol shooter in the world, breaking into computers, or romancing all the cute vegan hipster girls at the University of Tulsa, I spend a lot of time drinking. Whether...