1. Babboonbobo

    Ohio’s duty to retreat is repealed effective today 4-6-2021

    It’s been 90 days since DeWine signed the repeal of duty to retreat! Then on the 12th the knife law changes go into effect, so a knife will only be considered a weapon if used as a weapon. Its a good day for Ohioans! God love Buckeye Firearms Association!!!
  2. John Galt

    What’s the point??

    I have some Sig 220’s. One that I have have carried occasionally is a 25 year old Teddy Jacobsen ( Action by “T”) 220 conpact that is nice by Sig standards. The question is.......with the introduction of the Sig 365 (or the Hellcat), what is the point of carrying a 220? A Sig 220 variant...
  3. Babboonbobo

    Carry to polls?

    Yes or no? Right or wrong? What are your thoughts, I’ve got my gun on my hip and heading out but think I will leave it in the car.
  4. Burk Cornelius

    Tips for Winter Concealed Carry

    Here is a good article from on Winter Carry
  5. michaelclm

    Sold/Expired WTB: KaBar TDI trainer

    I need a TDI trainer. I will be in OKC on Friday and in Tulsa the rest of the week. I need this by Friday so let me know what you have. Thanks!