45 acp

  1. Addicted2Gunz

    FOR SALE Fusion Pro Series 10mm with Holosun optic - One of a kind!

    Hello Fanatics, Continuing to attempt to downsize my collection, so I'm going to list this Fusion Pro-Series 10mm. I bought this about 4 months ago, put it in my safe, and there it sat until today when I got it out and gave it a good bath and oiling. It's a 2012 build with a reported 250 rounds...
  2. Addicted2Gunz

    Sold/Expired Wilson Combat CQB 45acp grey/black

    Hey everyone, as always happens to me another opportunity that I couldn't pass up came along...I bought a GI No Name CCO in 45. Due to that purchase I am going to sell my CQB that I recently bought. I prefer 9mm or 38 Superb, so I only need a few in 45. I took it to the range once and put 100...