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The BUL 1911 is one of the best made 1911s on the market. Outstanding value for the money with one of the best triggers on the planet. I have 4.. The .45 ACP. - 9 X 23 WIN. .38 Super EDC 5" Double Stack Magazine and a 9MMPara .. Bul3.jpgBul5.jpgBul4.jpgBul9mm.jpg Visit
Welcome Hoosier! Great people here and glad you decided to join! Been to 3 Indy 500's and first ever Brickyard (bucket list stuff before I knew what a bucket list was).
Retired after a total of 34 years, US Army. Born and raised in Indiana. Hard-core fan of IU basketball and football (and 1911s, preferably of the Colt flavor!).
Hello all . new to forum , but have been following for some time , hope to have some great conversations and maybe learn as I go ...
could you send me a link to the site you mentioned, I would enjoy the reading from it-thanks
1911Addicts and you're welcome
Some fella mentioned something about "paying to be on the forum"? I don't mind contributing a little something to keep this forum up and running. I just have never seen anything asking ..
Well dream 1911's are now a reality!
Imagine a 1911 in .357, not .355 caliber.
Now imagine this cartridge performing equally or superior to the 357 Magnum...
Now imagine it as high capacity as a regular 9mm...
There you have it!
A 1911 in 357 Ring Of Fire caliber, with 9+1 in your pistol.
Got pics? Need to see this
I found it and checked it out. Sounds kind of cool as I like firearms that are a little “off” so to speak but I’ll stick with my Coonan 357mag 1911ish pistol
Retired from the Duracell/Gillette battery world in 1999. Started back in 1911,s (4) 45 acp (1) 9 mm & (1) 22. Love to reload and fine tune 1911 pistols. Live on Georgia / Florida line.
I have on order a DWX-Compact but who knows when DW will start up again. Wilson Combat makes the EDC XP9 (4”, 1911 on X Frame, 15+1). It’s beautiful but also $2700 MSRP. However, I I could trade in 2 DW ECO’s and a Sig P 365 XL recently bought but don’t like and only have a few hundred to pay for the Wilson. STI, Wilson XP9 and DWX -C are probably the three best 1911 double stacks out there.
When that DWX finally hit's the stores, STI and Wilson are going to have some serious competition @ 1700.00
Curious to see how it plays out when it hits the market, looks like a winner.
I have the Wilson edc X9 and the P365XL and love both, currently do not have any DWs so this might be an option.
Two years in Southeast Asia flying O-1 Bird Dogs as a Forward Air Controller. Other duty stations in Germany, France, The White House, Pentagon and various states. Lived and cruised on a blue water sailboat for over 20 years. Live in the High Desert of Central Oregon
Cruise, I flew O-1‘s for the 74TH Rac Oct 70 to Oct 71. How about you?
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I was with Aloft in 67-68. Was with the 219th (Headhunters) in 70-71. Good party!
Military Instructor many years ago, also worked in the Armory on 1911's, NRA Instructor.
I see two different 1911's, beautiful looking pistols. Are they Colts? Welcome to the forum from the great Northwest...