Sold/Expired WMG00021...Adjustable .45

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Feb 16, 2018
This is one of our Workin' Man's Gun (WMG). It is freshly built chambered in .45 Auto by @Brandon B.

This would make a fabulous gun for any purpose from professional use to recreational shooting. It is amazingly accurate and easy to shoot like all of our WMG line of guns.

Some of the features include:

~ Kart .45 NM barrel and bushing
~ CCP Long Curved Trigger (can be cut to short, medium or long flat before shipping)
~ CCP Buried and Protected Adjustable Rear Sight
~ CCP Blended Dovetail Front Sight
~ GI Guild Rod and Plug
~ SpringCo USA 18lb Recoil Spring
~ CCP T2 Hammer
~ CCP Ultra Match Sear
~ CCP Match Disconnector
~ CCP TM Strut
~ CCP Slide Stop
~ CCP Mag Catch
~ CCP Grip Safety
~ CCP Thumb Safety
~ S&A Mainspring Housing
~ EGW Ejector
~ Caspian Extractor
~ Caspian Firing Pin
~ CCP Firing Pin Plate
~ Caspian Slide
~ CCP Frame
~ Shark Skin Grips
~ Stippled front strap and mainspring housing
~ Trigger job is a short roll at 3lb 8oz
~ 1.5" accuracy guarantee for 10 shots at 50 yards with proper ammo


For purchase info please contact me at [email protected]

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