Chambers Custom WMG00002...The Instructor

Joe C

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Feb 16, 2018
Several years ago Heidi and I were at the SHOT Show and as we were walking by a booth I saw this HUGE guy standing there. Now I'm not a "starstruck" kind of guy. But, I told Heidi, "Babe, that dude is a serious badass famous instructor named Steve Fisher. I'd love to meet him if he has time for me." I walked casually over to the booth and he turned and looked dead at me and said hello. I introduced myself and he said, "Yeah, I know who you are Joe. I've been following your work for a while now...." in his famous Michigan accent.

And thus a real friendship was born...

Fast forward a couple of years, a few visits from Steve to my shop, some steaks, bourbons, idea chats, laughs, whatever. One evening in my shop I told him what we were doing with the WMG lineup. He said, "I want one, how do I get one in 9mm?"

So here it is, The Instructor. The WMG that I personally built for my friend and brother. It has the things on it that he wanted, like the CCP FO blended dovetail front sight, hand beveled edges, full length guide rod, single side safety, long flat trigger that breaks with a short roll just shy of 3.5lbs with minimal pre-travel and ZERO over travel.

Then it also has a few things I wanted, like the new prototype CCP DDS (Dovetail Duty Sight) rear sight, CCP SlashBack slide stop (that won't dig into his big ole hands), CCP grip safety, stippled front and back and a few other tweaks here and there.

Anyways, here's to you buddy, I hope you enjoy it and shoot the crap out of it for a year...then we'll see what happens!

P.S. You might even see him instruct with this gun someday...

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Apr 8, 2018
Your front sight blending is outstanding and combined with the new DDS rear is a perfect setup.