Thank You Blackbeard,


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Aug 7, 2019
I am just checking things out. I do not own a 1911, but did have the pleasure of totting one many years ago. It was a Colt in 45 cal., and it only had to be fired one time (off of the range) in the line of duty. I hope that someone has it now, and is taking good care of it, as it WAS a VERY nice example of an Colt 45.
I am old now and i tote a weapon that is not a well liked gun on this site, BUT it is what i can afford and still have a reliable gun on me.Being disabled does not mean that i am crippled! It means that i live off of what SS thinks is fair!
Anyway, I want to say thanks for letting me in, and i will be watching from time to time to get a chance to open my big mouth and give my opinion! ( LOL) DCannon


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Mar 5, 2019
D Cannon WELCOME enjoy the conversation.