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Sep 22, 2018
Number two boy (step-son) graduated college and moved to Portland, Oregon. He became the left handed, red-headed, tree and bunny hugging, commie sympathizing, demetocrat I feared he would become. He got married, had a kid. Bought the grandson the Rush Revere books so he could learn some history from a different point of view. His wife from whom he is now divorced, threw the books in the trash. Ah, well then.

Wife number two, from New Hampshire. Has the Oregon concealed carry permit. I welcomed her to the family with some birdseye maple boot grips for her Ruger SP-101 .357 3" bbl. She has good taste in revolvers. She got him interested in shooting and 2A rights again.

His paternal grandfather was a world class pistol shot. Was a member of the US Muzzleloading Pistol Team. Has a memorial match named after him at the NMLRA National matches held at Friendship, Indiana in June and September of each year. Boy number two expressed interest in shooting said match this year. Suddenly though, he backed off shooting. A bit of discreet questioning of wife number two led to the understanding that he wasn't going to shoot because he didn't have the revolver needed for the match. Even though he is an architect, he doesn't make a lot of money, jobs in Portland don't pay all that well I guess. Anyway....

I have a project underway that consumed a goodly portion of my Christmas bonus. Even had some money left over and was planning project number two.

I thought it very important that the boy shoot in this match, strike while the iron is hot so to speak, so I bought him this
michaels gun.jpg
I'm pretty certain the match is 'as issue', so this will fit the bill. I'm thinking this will bring him back over from the dark side, he'll never be a full fledged conservative, but, maybe I can get him leaning libertarian.
He was a 'natural' shot. Good from the first time he looked down a barrel. I hope he still has it. I'll drive down to Friendship to watch him shoot and encourage him on, I'll even pay for the matches if need be. His new wife is set to accompany him. She'll get the opportunity to shoot whatever she wants, the men and women on the line there are some of the most generous and friendly folks I've ever had the pleasure to shoot against.

Edit: went out with friends last night. Ate at Carraba's, the only place I spent money. Got a fraud alert on my card at 0430. Coincidence?


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Jun 29, 2018
Metroplex, TX
Don’t give up on him. Never say never.


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Jun 9, 2018
nice revolver to make a present of. hopefully he wakes up soon.sounds like you are having a goo d influence on him--maybe the wife being a shooter helps too. good luck

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