Sold/Expired STI 2011 Shot Show Special (2017) in 9mm


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Apr 8, 2018
I bought this last summer as a range gun. I carried it a couple of times, in leather only. I’ve decided to move in another direction. It has 600 flawless rounds through it. Here is a short description from the sales thread:

Caliber: 9mm only
 Finish: Matte Blue
 Sights: Ledge rear, Fiber Optic front
 Frame: Carbon steel with short dust cover
 Slide: Ball front and rear serrations, flat top, classic cut
 BBL Length: 5.00”
 BBL Type: Bushing barrel, bead blasted
 Special Features: LIMITED RUN, Tan grip, Tactical Slim magwell, 1 ea/ 126mm and 140mm magazine, single-sided safety

No trades, please.

The price is $1,450.00 shipped to your FFL. Make sure your FFL accepts shipments from individuals, please.

I would prefer a certified check, cashiers check or US money orders. I will take a personal check, but will not ship the gun until my bank tells me the check has cleared (up to 7 business days).

This is a relatively new website and I have no transactions here, but most know me as SCS1911 on Addicts.

Since I am trying not to cross post on different sites, this will only be listed here for now. If it doesn’t sell after a few weeks, I will list it on the Addicts website.

You can PM for any questions or put them below.

E0E07E3E-D75E-4994-8B3B-8432AB843065.jpeg 3FE8703D-5EB4-4627-9424-96DC671862A9.jpeg B2E0B4F3-B11D-4FEA-9C30-BF1F6DA106B1.jpeg FF30C96C-2795-4319-91E1-47863F0C8D95.jpeg 443687AC-635C-480B-8BB9-3D9FD534352E.jpeg 0BFE876F-7F29-4BE3-88CC-E988289B65E0.jpeg 03463AF2-E703-42FB-A34E-4E21A8A86894.jpeg 6FCC2A69-F4D2-4276-88E2-CACDCAC0A230.jpeg

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