Sold/Expired Springfield Range Officer Champion 9mm


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Jul 14, 2018
I took this as a partial trade from my RO Elite yesterday. I haven't done anything with it except open it up to inspect it, and take these pictures.

This is the 4" lightweight version. The previous owner bought it new at Sheels and says he put 1 box of 50 rnds through it. Judging by looking at the internals, I definitely believe that's the case - it looks brand new.

It's Parkerized which translates into scratches easily lol. There is already idiot marks from him stripping it down to clean it.. I say marks instead of scratches because they aren't deep. You can't feel them at all, it's more of just shiney marks from rubbing the takedown pin on it. It's on the frame and the slide where he overshot putting it in lol. I had to get just the right light and angle in the last picture to show them, but I assumed you they look much worse than in person. When I quickly checked it out in the parking lot during the trade I didn't even notice them!

$650 shipped to your FFL

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