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Feb 12, 2019
Cassville, Mo.
Hello Everyone,

My name is John, I retired in May, 2018 from a government position, in Chicago, Illinois, and relocated to SW Missouri. I have 5 acres to putz around on and my neighbors have horses. He loves to shoot, which makes me happy and am contemplating building a range on the property.

My introduction to 1911's happened while I was in the US Navy. We were in Boston Naval Shipyard during the 60's and had to stand quarterdeck watch with a sidearm. After the Navy, I worked several jobs, Maintenance Electrician in an Aluminum Mill, High Voltage Electrician, and finally a Systems Dispatcher. I retired in May 2018 and settled in SW Missouri. We love it down here, out in the country, warm weather(although it changes and it does snow, it doesn't stay long.) and it is totally better than Chicago.

I do have a number of 1911's, in all sizes and colors, and all configurations. I usually carry a 1911, full size, but have been known to carry others. One day, I would like to build one. I have built several AR's, so I think it is easy. Thanks for accepting me as a member.


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Feb 16, 2018
Welcome @johnk568!

Welcome to the fanatic family we have here! Looking forward to learning more about your stories, and your collection!

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