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Feb 20, 2019
Western Oregon
New as of tonight and looking forward to sharing info with all of you. The name says it all. I own Rugers, period. I have a 10mm Target and a 9mm Lightweight Officer's model and am just about ready to spend more than I ever have on a handgun when I order the Koenig model 9mm 1911 Competition. Since I have no one to answer to I can make my own good and bad decisions so it will be bought. I do own other Ruger handguns and started out with Ruger P series many many moons ago.

I am quite opinionated about my conservative leanings and my gun rights and that is why I will likely be gone from Oregon by the end of the year. As a self storage resident manager I still work at 66 and am going to get closer to Missouri where I am originally from and my brother is still at.


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