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Nov 13, 2019
New to the board and relatively new to 1911s. The first (and last) time I fired a 1911 was when I did my initial Marine Corps qualification course in 1985. Although I qualified “expert” to say those guns were tired was an understatement. For the rest of my career I carried and qualified with the M9. Civilian shooting was with my beloved Smith revolvers.
But reading about all the new(er) 1911s and their incredible performance had me thinking that one day I would have one. That day arrived two weeks ago when I walked into my favorite LGS and they had a very lightly used Nighthawk. After much teeth gnashing and wringing of hands I pulled the proverbial trigger. It should clear the background check jail this week and I’m super excited to pick it up! Glad to be a member and start learning about the 1911!

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