Kinda, sorta proud of myself.........


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Sep 22, 2018
Not that I'm the good or nice one in my family. I mentioned in the T-giving thread Rwandan refugee's. Been helping out a specific family for a couple of years now. The last year with more advice and cultural assimilation than anything else.
I mentioned that they have embraced the American Dream big time. Well, indeed they have. This past week, they purchased and brand new Jeep Compass with CASH!!
They put in an offer on a small starter house with a 30% down payment.
He will work as many hours as his employer will allow, she works and is taking 12 credit hours a quarter in college. The son is enrolled in a private school for which they pay the tuition.
All have studied, and are ready to become citizens as soon as they are eligible.
Some folks may not agree with this, and that's OK. I just like seeing people choose to succeed.


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Jun 8, 2018
NW Ohio
Very proud of immigrants that want the American dream and they can achieve it, sometime with better results than native born Americans:(
Make sure they know there are plenty of people that support the way they’re doing it!! Good luck and I wish them well.

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