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Oct 23, 2018
Greetings from beautiful, downtown Arkansas...
Just retired and tired.
Saw this site in my inbox and wondered if it had anything to do with the sidearm I carried with much affection in the service back in 73.
Checked it and discovered a literal paradise! Yeah, I will be checking this site often!!
Whoever sent the initial email, thanks! It is appreciated.
Do not have any weapons of interest as my ex insisted our children were more important so, agreeing, I sold what I had so many moons ago and only recently have begun to recoup my loss.
A .223 Rem.783 rifle that I picked up for pocket change -- rough but varmint-worthy and a Moss. 12ga. in well-used condition are what I own.
Wanting a .45 for my personal play but my life decision-making skills didn't account for living to, let alone, past 60.
Figured my bike would be the one to get me since neither ex, the split-rim, the bull, really poor choices, a house fire annnnd our uncle all failed. Eh...better luck next time.
That's it for now.
To paraphrase a worn and corny line...
I'll be Bach.
Be well,


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Feb 16, 2018
Welcome to the site Mike! Unlike ex's we only ask for you to check in from time to time, and don't worry about the toilet seat as we can manage on our own!

Welcome to the family!